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Warmth from the Inside Out

It is in the deeply cold months of January and February that handwork and crafts really come into their own. In pioneer times, warmer months were spent on outside work, culminating in the harvest. The cold months were times to rest, play music, make toys and try to stay warm! Here in Minnesota, we can claim some of that pioneering spirit as we face the cold and snow of January and February (and March, maybe even April but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves!).

In our modern schedules, the December holidays are much more hectic now so it is after the new year turns that most of us rest and regroup. Cozy crafts feel extra nurturing now; most of our classes include warm sheep's wool in some way. And of course a store named Heartfelt will have a natural affinity for Valentine's Day crafting!



Make Your Gifts This Year!

A homemade, handmade gift is so very personal - you are proudly giving something of yourself, your time, your hands, your heart. Children especially embrace this notion. And when times are tight, all the more reason to create handcrafted gifts; it helps with your budget as well as giving you much satisfaction!

At Heartfelt, the story is the same - as a beginning retailer, we are on a tight budget for purchasing stock. Customers used to the abundance of the Wonderment store especially miss the "good old days", when the store was packed to the rafters with a dizzing aray of toys and gifts. Times are different now though and very few retailers can afford to stock their shelves full. Like you, we are being especially mindful and discerning in our purchasing these days, trying to ensure we stock the "must haves" and some fun and unique surprises too. We are offering a special order service this fall, to allow you to choose German wooden animals, Plan Toys, doll furniture and more, above and beyond the gift choices we will be stocking. Stop by the store for details - ordering will be available through Thanksgiving weekend.

So, now onto the classes - we have a fantastic array of choices for all ages (and not just for kids!). We can't wait to get started!!



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