February Snow

Beautiful snow! It’s freshened up the landscape considerably and greatly improved sledding and skiing prospects, that’s for sure.

I am fortunate to live just eight blocks from the shop; my four-minute commute home on Tuesday took seven minutes instead. I took advantage of the quiet day at the shop to catch up on various tasks, while watching the blowing flakes through the big front windows.

Around 3:30, I noticed a group of youths huddling under the entry overhang. I poked my head out the door and asked them to come in. Four teen boys piled in the store, SWH sophomores. They had waited 40 minutes for the city bus home to Uptown before giving up and walking to Linden Hills. No boots of course, nor hats/gloves that I could see–but at least they weren’t wearing flip flops!

One boy called his mom and they settled in to wait for their ride. Polite kids, they chatted with me a bit and talked with each other, while staring into their ever-present cell phones. Around 4:15, a van pulled up and they were off, thanking me, and tripping over their feet a bit like adolescent puppies. I enjoyed their company, and especially getting a glimpse of the men they were becoming. Welcoming folks who visit Heartfelt is so rewarding for me and my staff. Amazing conversations and connections often stem from me asking “how is your day going?”.

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