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Preschool Festivals

Preschool Festivals are seasonal gatherings offered once per month, September through May.

For ages 2-1/2 with a grown-up; all ages are welcome. $22; $12 for each additional child per family. Our once a month festivals are about an hour long, beginning at 10:30 am; we make seasonal crafts together, then share a snack of fresh popcorn.

Upcoming Preschool Festivals

Autumn Festival * Thursday September 26th

Pumpkin-ville * Thursday October 31st

Thankful Family Crafts * Wednesday November 24th

Solstice Festival * Thursday December 19th

About our Festivals

Celebrate the seasons with our once a month gatherings for preschool families. We strive to meet the child where he/she lives – in a dreamy playful state – and to celebrate the changing seasons and the richness of the nature around us. Each festival includes one or two craft projects, and a healthy snack. For ages 2-1/2 and older with a grown up. All ages are welcome. $22; $12 for each additional child per family. See our monthly schedule for the most current information. Advance registration is required. Sign up today!

Sign up to reserve your spot. Payment will be collected the day of the event.

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