What will become of us all? I find myself thinking that a lot these days. As a history buff and current affairs junkie, I watch with horrified fascination as “our” newly elected, mentally-ill president signs order after order, each worse than the next. And that’s just what we know about–who knows what else may be happening within the White House cabal?

My current day to day life is still so wonderful, especially compared with those in or fleeing war torn countries.Yet the fear and worry is mounting.¬†Social media is packed with posts and information–some reliable, some perhaps not (alternative facts anyone?). It’s so easy to be pulled into this unending stream. Yes, it’s important to be informed–I think it’s actually one of the duties of citizenship. Yes, it’s crucial to protest through all available avenues–marches, phone calls, organizing–but how do I/we carry on from day to day?

In observing my wonderful staff and myself, I am realizing that we are turning to art, each in our own way. For one, it’s listening to jazz, preferably live. For another, it’s making time for a quick sketch or watercolor study. For yet another, it’s creating mildly subversive peg dolls. Making a felted polar bear soothed me yesterday.

At Heartfelt, it has been my goal to to make a safe place, a creative space,¬†where all are welcomed with love. Love is the answer, I know for sure. Bring your kids or just yourself–come be with us as we try to make sense of the history unfolding before us. Make something or just snuggle on the couch–we would love to see you.

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