The Heartfelt building has a big old basement which is both a blessing and a curse. In order to maximize selling and crafting space, the storage within the shop itself is limited so we always have craft supplies, tools, seasonal products, display pieces, and furniture not in current use, that need to be put somewhere. For months/years when asked where to put something, my reply has been “put it in the basement”. It finally reached a point where I could ignore it no longer, feeling ashamed and distracted about the state it was in. Not the best Feng Sui!

Keeping the basement clear and organized has been hampered by lack of light. Over the years, lighting fixtures have stopped working, needed new bulbs and general fixing. I finally called my handyman Michael; before he came, one needed a miner’s helmet or headlamp down there. Now, it’s so bright, we almost need eye protection!
Mrs. Skinner, my eighth grade English teacher, had a terrific saying: “It’s a trial by the mile but a cinch by the inch”. I’ve employed this approach often in my life, especially as a small business owner, making progress little by little. Lately, it has become my battle cry as I tackle the subterranean mess I have made. Now that I have begun, several hours per week are turning it around. It’s almost time to sell some furniture on Facebook–I freely admit that I have a problem with furniture, especially vintage, especially tables. It turns out that a store owner can actually have too many tables. Who knew?
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