I read an article recently (can’t remember where, I am a reading fiend) about the pursuit of happiness. If ones aim is happiness, we are bound to miss that mark; but if we try for and can achieve a measure of mindfulness, happiness can flow in. Yes, I know mindfulness is trendy but think about it. Taking a walk in the now very cold weather is a challenge and definitely not an easy prescription for happiness. But seeing a tree branch with its coating of snow brings a moment of pleasure during said walk–dare I call it happiness?

During the holidays, expectations can run high–the season is supposed to bring happiness. Back when my daughter was little, I did my share of “Martha Stewarting”–baking, making, rushing to finish it all, hoping for more and more happiness. I exhausted myself, trying to have a crafty Christmas each year and in the end, was too tired to fully join in the celebration itself. Instead of happiness, I felt relieved it was over. If I had done much less–staying present in the moment, rather than driving towards the finish line–I suspect my whole family (and I) would have been happier.

Some of my happiest moments these days are when I spend time with your children. Yes, I love my business and all my customers–yet the times I feel the most connected are when I sit with a child, discuss their vision, and help them create a toy they can play with proudly. Those small interactions make me bloom inside.
And it’s not all about making things–we strive to offer a selection of products that are beautiful, useful, enlivening. The smell of beeswax candles, the cuteness of a felted fox ornament, a wooden top that spins and spins, a new book discovered–these can also bring appreciation and calm in the moment, whether purchased or not.

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