I loved my six day trip to the west shore of Lake Michigan, near Cedar Grove Wisconsin. The rental cottage was vintage and charming. There wasn’t really any beach to speak of because the water was so high but the water was mesmerizing nonetheless. I collected sticks and rocks, read and watched movies. I slept until I woke up. I saw two sunrises and had one day of solid rain. It was perfect.
Fall is my favorite season–it’s especially beautiful here in Minnesota. Like the squirrels, my staff and I are scurrying around, working on projects that were set aside during our busy summer crafting with kids. The acorn harvest is in full swing; I have some baking in a slow oven right now. The nut portions make great pumpkins when painted orange. The caps serve as hats and bowls, little house window boxes, felted acorns and more.
If you have oak trees and would like to share some of your bounty, I especially need large burr oak caps–they make wonderful hair on little peg dolls. Other kinds of acorns or their caps are great too!
Even after 8-1/2 years, Heartfelt remains a very small business. We have been impacted by store closing sales: at Bibelot last fall and Creative Kidstuff this spring, customers stocked up at sale prices and shopped less at Heartfelt. Expanding our space in 2018 has meant higher rent, along with the cost of the build-out itself
When you shop at Heartfelt for thoughtful gifts or a treat for yourself, or bring the family in for crafting, you are making a big impact on our business and this little Southwest Minneapolis shopping corner that we all love so much. Many folks found us for the first time this summer; when they asked how long we had been here, the answer was invariably “you’re kidding!” when told Heartfelt has been in business since 2011. We want to share our love of natural products and crafts with more people. We so appreciate your support–please continue to tell friends about this wonderful little place that no-one knows about!


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