Whoosh–what was that sound? The end of summer and the start of school, both of which have happened in a flurry of hurry! The store is much quieter now, with the kids back in school; we are spending this time getting ready for the busy holiday season to come. Don’t let this  current (brief?) return to summer weather fool you–autumn arrives next week and I am looking forward to the beauty of fall, my favorite season!

After work today, my husband and I will head out for a quick trip to the North Shore. Our plans include star and Milky Way shots when we get there, then rock and driftwood gathering on Sunday. No moon, so we are hoping for a clear night–even if clouds are in the forecast. I NEED to spend a bit of time on the black sand beach at Silver Bay before the cold weather comes. As always, our dogs Comet and Zorro are happy to come along.

With new “OMG” news happenings almost daily, I need the soothing that crafting brings me more than ever. Join us when you can–our new Annex space means that both our birthday parties and drop-in crafters have plenty of room to hang out–and shoppers too, of course.