The golden days of October are behind us and winter looms ahead. With help from my staff, I have spent days and days over the past weeks, designing and creating our holiday crafts. It’s one of the best parts of my job, my favorite thing to do, even when my deadline approaches. And like anything, it always takes longer than expected. I hope you enjoy making
Handmade Holiday Crafts with us this season!

The Apple Festival in Bayfield was fun, although the foraging for nature materials was not as successful as I had hoped. Because they are on a bay, the shores of Bayfield and Washburn are missing the cache of driftwood and stones that I have come to expect from Lake Superior. Indeed, we stopped in Duluth on our way home so I could gather the driftwood I needed to bring home to Heartfelt. Check out this cute Driftwood Gnome!

My back and ribs have healed and I have been enjoying my daily walks to and from work. Being outside is like a reset button for me, something I am appreciating all the more after my injuries. And being in nature, even urban the nature on the streets towards home, is almost as essential to my well being as breathing. I feel like I have a front row seat for the changing seasons.

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