It’s been awhile–how are you? I’ve been having some physical challenges lately: several compression fractures in my spine, plus cracked ribs I injured when I fell on lake rocks on the last day of my vacation trip in Colorado. I am gradually feeling better, and thankful to my staff for stepping in to take up the slack caused by my injuries.

We are having our most successful summer yet at Heartfelt–lots of crafters, campers, and shoppers. I feel so grateful to all members of our community: thank you all for spreading the word about our studio/shop, coming in to make things with your children or by yourself, bringing out of town visitors to enjoy our products and projects, thinking of us as a place to purchase birthday gifts, and rooting for our success.

How is it that less than three weeks remain until Minneapolis public school kids start school? There is a bitter-sweetness to the waning summer, as signs of fall gradually move in. I began collecting acorn caps last week (already), and I am happy to report that the harvest is much more bountiful than last year. Yesterday, I collected more in one day than I did during the whole 2016 harvest season. We happily accept donations of acorns/acorn caps from our customer friends too

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