An recent email from a customer was heartening–she wrote saying she thought she had signed her daughter up for one of our camps but wasn’t sure–her actual question was “Have I lost my mind?” I laughed and answered back “Don’t worry, you are in good company”. Things are so fast moving these days–when you ask people how they are, a “normal” reply is “busy”. Forgetting things in the swirl of life is just the way it goes.

Chatting with the mom as we signed up her daughter for camp, she said she felt very reassured that she wasn’t the only one having difficulty keeping track of everything. I should say not–many (most?) folks I chat with at the shop feel overwhelmed by the speed of life these days.┬áMay is an especially intense month for many families, as school stage plays, end of the year gatherings, graduations (even from kindergarten), choosing teacher gifts, plus all the usual daily routines.

It’s been busy at Heartfelt too. Our expansion (the Annex) is complete; we moved our birthday parties to the space last month. It’s been a game changer for the shop–parties are more contained, the main shop is quieter–more chill, as my young staffers say. Folks have asked if we will have a grand opening event–I have not really decided, as my plate is overfull as it is. And camps start next month! Grand opening or no, do come see us, our new space, our better than ever shop, now seven years young.