It’s August. I have been feeling a little melancholy, sensing the summer subtly waning. A bit of coolness in the breeze, less scented now than a few weeks ago, a few leaves fluttering down, even a tree or two starting to turn golden. And the light has changed. It’s almost time for my annual acorn cap hunt.


My vacation to the Badlands (which are really BAD in my experience) and Colorado is in the rear view mirror. We continued to be plagued with holiday-wrecking happenings, this time of a mechanical nature. We weren’t able to make it to the top of any mountains due to trouble with our (really my husband’s) Jeep. Nor did I collect nature stuffs, usually a big part of my Colorado trips. My husband was able to practice his astrophotography though, and I read books like a fiend. We relaxed and connected.


I have one more trip this summer–I have rented a cottage on Lake Michigan, in Cedar Grove Wisconsin. Six days. By myself. I leave the day after my last Craft Camp. I’ve never been there but I poured over vacation rental listings to find this cottage. It doesn’t look very grand but it is just a walkway to the beach, the most important thing to me. Spending time on the sandy beaches of the Great Lakes was a favorite part of my childhood. I vividly remember arriving at my grandparent’s cottage on Lake Huron: the blue of the lake seemed to join the sky. The sweet smell of the wildflowers baking in the summer breeze. The crashing of the waves. Sand in the cups of kool aid–now I can’t believe someone thought this was a good beverage for kids but it was a different time. Heavenly. I’m hoping to fall under the spell of another Great Lake, a fitting end to summer.


I have been having the best time with the children in our Craft Camps. Three days together gives me the the opportunity to make larger projects and to get to know the kids quite well. And they are wonderful! We have just three camps left.


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