I had the nicest day yesterday. I am deep into reorganizing at the shop, which always feels good, but that’s not the only reason. I had visits from several nannies too, one of whom is my daughter. The little girl with her is one of my favorite kids; she is so alive, with her eyes bright and her smile bursting. At one point when my daughter was in the bathroom, the little girl looked at me and said “I love you”. I smiled and told her I loved her too, as the warmth of her sweetness spread within me.

My other two encounters with littles were smaller but no less lovely. A tiny girl was mad and crying so I sat with her, touching just the tip of her finger with mine. Soon she was calm and trying on my various silver rings. And the wiggly toddler boy who didn’t stop moving or fussing for a minute, smiled at me when I echoed some of his wordless singing. I smile now just remembering. So while the world feels crazy and too much, love is still the answer for me. It’s those tiny connections that make a day good.