Twelve years ago, on a hot summer day, I was handed a little flyer announcing a new shop. I had opened Heartfelt in late spring and was taking a break outside. Curous about the new shop, I went there the next day. Located at 50th and Xerxes, Piccadilly Prairie was a shop full of vintage furniture and other cool finds. I loved it immediately and introduced myself to Lacey and her husband Andrew Brooker, the owners. We have been friends ever since.

They went on to open Piccadilly Prairie stores in malls: Southdale, Ridgedale, MOA. Covid arrived and those stores have all closed. Lacey has been selling at shows like Junk Bonanza, her website and through Etsy. I still miss the first small Piccadilly Prairie store; it was a truly special place.

My business has shifted too–people are more and more interested in creativity and experiences. Sure, they still shop but in a different way. Some toy products that had sold reliably in the past slowed way down. And Heartfelt shoppers are especially interested in our art and craft kits and supplies. And I have been pondering what else might interest folks.

So, I’m excited to annouce a new partnership with Piccadilly Prairie! They will have a permanent space within Heartfelt, selling a wide array of vintage + antique furniture, housewares, artwork and more.

Opening on Thursday June 1st, Piccadilly Prairie will host an open house on Saturday June 3rd 11am to 2 pm. I hope you will come. Don’t worry if you can’t make that event–Piccadilly Prairie products will be available to purchase any time during Heartfelt’s store open hours.

Please join us in welcoming Piccadilly Prairie to Linden Hills! We hope to see you soon.