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As a brick and mortar craft studio and shop, we have over ten years of experience creating with children and adults. Beginning in 2016, we launched our Heartfelt Craft Kits. Lovingly assembled at our shop, we use natural materials in our kits like wood, wool felt, and sheep’s wool for doll hair. The art supplies in each kit are high quality s colors are bright and beautiful. Most of our kits make unique toys that children can play with for a long time. We have more than a dozen different craft kits now, with plans for many more.

  • Flower Fairies are easy to make and fun for play. Makes four pretty flower fairies, 2 large and 2 small. Color their dresses with watercolor crayons, then add glitter, hair, flower hats, and wings. For ages 4 and up; young children will need adult help.
  • Gnomes are very small. They are hardworking, good natured, peaceful, and jolly. This kit makes two wooden peg gnomes and their vehicle. The gnome hats are sewn, the vehicle painted with acrylic paints. Fun to make and fun for play. For ages 7 and up; younger children will need adult help.
  • Coloring eggs is a fun craft to do in the Spring. The eggs in this kit are wood so they are unbreakable and everlasting. Color your eggs using a variety of techniques: dye with color bleed tissue, paint with acrylics, and with watercolor crayons. A top coat of Mod Podge will help your eggs last for years. Ideal as a project for the whole family. All ages.
  • Children love wood boxes of all shapes and sizes. They are perfect for storing the miniatures and treasures kids love, and they make great gifts too.¬† Color a variety of wooden boxes (box shapes may vary from the photos), using watercolor crayons and acrylic paint. With three boxes¬† in the kit, this can be a fun activity for siblings to make together. All ages.


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