• Create a whole family of snow people,  for seasonal decoration and play. This kit is perfect for families who wish to craft together. Paint a variety of wooden peg dolls. Add scarves, hats, earmuffs, faces, and more, all of your own design.  For ages 7 to adult independently; younger children will need adult help.
  • Who doesn’t love Super Heroes? Make your own with this kit! Makes four wooden super heroes: 2 large and 2 small. Paint their bodies, then add felt accessories, hair, and other details. For ages 4 and up; young children will need adult help.
  • Children love wood boxes of all shapes and sizes. They are perfect for storing the miniatures and treasures kids love, and they make great gifts too.  Color a variety of wooden boxes (box shapes may vary from the photos), using watercolor crayons and acrylic paint. With three boxes  in the kit, this can be a fun activity for siblings to make together. All ages.
  • Young children are fascinated by dinosaurs. Color three wooden dinosaurs with watercolor crayons: TRex, Brontosaurus, and Stegosaurus. A glitter top coat will ensure that colors won't transfer during play. This is our simplest craft kit. For ages 3 and up.
  • For children, unicorns are proof that magic exists, so they love these mythical creatures. Makes a family of three wooden unicorns. Color their bodies with watercolor crayons, then add a glitter topcoat. Curly mohair makes luxurious manes and tails. For all ages; young children will need adult help.
  • Worry dolls are small, mostly handmade dolls that originated in Guatemala. Usually made of wire and wrapped with wool and fabric scraps, worry dolls are given to children. They tell their about worries and troubles, then put the doll under their pillow at night. For ages 7 and up.


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