• Needle felting is such a nifty hobby. Also known as dry felting, a sharp barbed needle is used to tangle and harden wool fleece. This cute owl is an excellent first three-dimensional felting project.  The generous amount of wool fleece in this kit will make several owls. For ages 10 to adult.
  • Dogs are the most popular pet! They provide companionship and love, and reduce stress for their humans. We love dogs! This kit makes three different species of dogs: a Labrador Retriever, a French Bull Dog, and a Dachsund. For ages 6 and up.
  • Many children love anything with wheels. Painting wooden vehicles is satisfying and the finished models are fun for play. Makes three wooden vehicles. For ages 4 and up.  
  • Children love animals of all kinds. Being around animals can help kids gain self esteem and empathy. This kit makes two large and two small animals. Make bunnies or cats or any animal of your own design. For ages 6 and up.


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