What a funny summer it was! My husband and I ended up canceling our trip to Grand Marais–funds are tight so we decided to forgo our trip. Instead, I was able to be in the shop during every summer camp–I didn’t miss any of the craft camp fun! I’m still a little sad about missing the lake though…

And now the children are back at school and the shop is very quiet, which takes some getting used to. We haven’t been idle though–our Autumn Crafts are ready to go, I have planned our schedule of monthly Preschool Festivals, and we even have a few new projects for our birthday parties.

The weather is cooling and we are ready with spooky crafts, cute animals to paint, and more. Call to make a reservation to craft with your kids–we remain open seven days a week for now. Book a birthday party for your child–most Saturdays this fall are wide open. And I’m especially looking forward to our monthly Preschool Festivals–they have been on Covid hiatus since early 2020.

Please think of us when buying birthday gifts–remember we offer free gift wrapping, even on your way to a party. We have brought in a number of new kits: macrame, embroidery, little animal sewing kits, all perfect for gift giving, and (dare I say) even early holiday shopping.

Come see us soon!