Brrr! Yesterday and today are reminding me that MN still gets seriously cold. I’m wearing all my wool layers while planning my summer vacations and our Summer Camps. Note: our Camp Schedule will be ready by or before the end of this month.

It’s always a bit of a shock when the Holiday season is done and the quiet of January upon us. We are using our time to redisplay the shop and placing a few orders to fill in empty spots. Valentine’s Day comes up fast and so does Easter…



…I’m getting back to this email a few days later–I had my Covid booster on Monday afternoon and I’ve been in bed the past few days, recovering. I am “blessed” with a sensitive body that reacts strongly to things. I can only imagine what actual Covid would be like for me!

As the pandemic grinds on, I am more motivated than ever to try to stay well, despite Dr. Faucci saying most of us will get Covid. I have upped my mask game to N95s and I am continuing to take- out rather than eat-in at restaurants. The city has put in place a mask mandate, which I have required at the shop all along. Most folks were happy to comply but every once in a while someone would take issue with our requirement. I just don’t get that, as I feel very protective of our youngest customers and visitors. At least now there won’t be a discussion about it!

I know this has been and continues to be a very difficult time for families. Please let us help in any way we can. Curbside pick up is available–just give us a call and we can “shop” together over the phone. Soothing crafts to make at home may help the winter blues.

So come shop and craft with us–and please continue to tell your friends and family about our cute little shop in Linden Hills!