I write this from my bed, with my leg propped up, an ice pack on my knee. Just a couple more weeks of recovery from my surgery, then I will be able to drive again and come back to the shop. The sun is shining and there are huge icicles visible through the window. And I’m thinking of summer! Just five months to go until our first camp. And I know that time will pass very quickly.

This will be our 11th year of offering Summer Craft Camps at Heartfelt. This year, we offer camps for three different age groups: Juniors for ages 5 to 7, Seniors for ages 8 +, and Youth for kids ages 10 and up. Our youth camps are new, intended for campers who would like more advanced projects, done in a group of older kids and teens.

Angee and I love planning and leading our camps. All year long we’ve been gathering ideas for the crafts. The length of our camps allow us time for multi-step projects that aren’t feasible the rest of the year. Hurray for Camp!